What I found irritating during pregnancy


So around 20 weeks pregnant, over the Christmas holidays I couldn’t sleep. I kept experiencing the feeling of not being able to keep my legs still without wanting to pull them off. After speaking to other mummies and googling my symptoms, (by the way I don’t recommend googling your symptoms, always consult a doctor if you are worried), I found out it was restless legs. Some people said it was low salt, some people said it was low potassium.

I tried to put a bit more salt in my food and I lived on bananas throughout my pregnancy and this sorted my legs out. If I went a day without a banana the restless legs would return that evening. I also found, getting up and going for a walk, helped my legs, even if it was just to the loo and back. We all know sleeping through the night without needing to pee is hard when pregnant! Stretching my lower legs also helped to stop the restless legs. I stretched them for 15 seconds on each leg.


This didn’t keep it at bay forever though. Once I got to the last 5 ish weeks of pregnancy, there was nothing I could do to stop it. This didn’t last long anyway as my little girl decided to come early at 38 weeks. Looking back now, my restless legs went away completely, so my body obviously knew I was going to give birth in the next couple of weeks.

So if you feel like pulling your legs off, while you are trying to sleep, it could be restless legs. Maybe bananas will become part of your staple diet for a while.

Did anyone else get this when they were pregnant?

Belle x

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